Temporary Hair Dye For Men: A Short-Term Solution

Posted on October 4, 2010 by

Although some colors are specifically formulated for men, there is little to no difference between hair dye for men and dye that is marketed towards women. There are many different brands of temporary hair dye for men that can be bought at the drug store or supermarket and self-applied at home. Going to a salon can be a little pricier, but the dye itself is usually slightly less damaging to the hair.

The length of time a dye stays in your hair will vary depending on whether it is permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary. Temporary hair dyes are formulated to rinse out after one or two shampoos.

Temporary hair colors come in a variety of formulas; it may be applied as a mousse or spray, a gel, rinse, or stick. Temporary hair dye can be a great solution for those times that you want a dramatic change for a short period of time, such as a rock concert, or Halloween.

One of the benefits of using temporary hair dye is that unlike more lasting colors, it doesn’t contain ammonia- so it is much less harmful to your hair follicles. With permanent color, the ammonia opens the shaft of the hair so the dye can penetrate, creating a more lasting affect. This also means that it cannot be used to lighten the hair significantly. Without the ammonia, the color deposits on the outside of the shaft- which is why it rinses out easily.

Some temporary colors will last for 8-10 shampoos, in case you are looking to test out a new look, rather than go for a short lived, dramatic change. If you are looking for a more lasting solution, you will probably be happier with a semi-permanent or permanent color.

If you have naturally very light hair, you should be careful- even temporary dyes can have a lasting effect on very light shades of blond.

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