Choosing a Hair Color (for men)

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Choosing a hair color was reserved for women just as dolls are for girls, but times have changed; today, men face the decision of choosing a hair color as well. What makes it even more challenging for men is that now, you are not just dealing with blonde, red, brunette and black, but plethora of colors have been added to the mix. With new terms such as jet-black and platinum blonde, you can’t go wrong with thinking the addition was intend to confuse men. And choosing the wrong hair color can give you a headache unbearable even for men.

So how can choosing a hair color be simplify? First thing is first, understand what result you are trying to get. Are you covering a gray hair, looking for a fresh look, or are you trying to change your look with a new hair color. Perhaps you are just highlighting your natural hair color. Knowing what you want to do and result you are trying to get can simplify choosing a hair color for both men and women.

Another thing you might want to do first, depending on who you are is the length you want to carry that hair color or dye. You have the option of a temporary hair color, semi permanent hair color and permanent hair color. The temporary hair color can be washed out within few shampooing. Semi permanent hair color can last for couple of weeks to months depending on how often you shampoo it. With permanent hair color, you can grow it out with frequent root touches.

After these first steps, you can go about choosing your hair color like an outfit—you don’t want to out do it. Things to consider when choosing hair colors are eyes, hair and skin tones. Though there are no written laws preventing you from choosing any hair color, not all hair colors will fit you. Just like a wardrobe, certain things will just not fly.

Another thing you should consider when choosing a hair color is your wardrobe. What are your main color selections? You don’t want your hair color and outfit battering like a husband and a wife. That will not help your fashion or appearance. If you still have trouble choosing a hair color, hair color products have aids on their boxes to assist you. And if that doesn’t help, advice from a professional hair stylist can put things in to perspective.

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